“Bonnie Gabel's  vision and craft give her wonderful places to lead performers to; however, performers follow her to those places because, at the end of the day, they trust her. They trust her with their performance, with their careers, with their bodies.”

-Justin Maxwell, Playwright

“The roles demand intensity of all of the actors, and director Bonnie Gabel excelled in ensuring that each member of the small cast is pulling their own weight -- and have weight to pull.”

-NOLA Defender about Cripple Creek’s Possum Kingdom

Photo by Melisa Cardona

Photo by Melisa Cardona

One of my greatest passions is helping performers grow and develop individual voice. As a director and a performer my personal practice is both deeply intellectual and deeply physical.  I want to help you access emotion and integrate the body and breath into performance. I work with performers on honing their craft, or on creating or refining original solo work.

I have studied with the Moscow Art Theater, The DAH Theater in Serbia, and in South Africa. I hold a BFA in Performance from Virginia Commonwealth University, and have toured nationally and internationally.