Financial Coaching For Artists

You are brilliant.  What you give to the world has immeasurable value, that value is not attached to how much money you earn.  Together we can begin demystifying how money flows in your life, so that you can set up the budget that you need to feel secure taking the risks you would like to take for your art.

The package:

4 weekly sessions

  • one 30 minute introduction
  • three hour-long sessions on budgeting identifying income streams/pricing, and cashflow.


  • one 30-minute introduction
  • one three-hour session on budgeting identifying income streams/pricing, and cashflow.

These sessions will be mostly conducted via skype or phone call.  In person meetings may be arranged on a case by case basis as schedule allows.


I am beta-testing this coaching and so am offering 5 slots at a special price: $175 with the option of adding follow up sessions for $50 as you attempt to implement the budget in your life. I ask that you fill out a brief survey at the end of our time together. 

Payment plans are available and can be discussed on a case by case basis.

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